Discover the Wonder and Fantasy of Russian Toys

toysAs an adult, I’m sure you often look back at the simple and wonderful times as a child. The carefree days with your family and friends. Just closing your eyes, you can see those wonderful memories come back and the feelings of security and the longing to have even a moment of those experiences again.

It’s a wonderful time being a child and you most definitely want that for your children also. Toys often make up a large part of those wonderful memories.

The time as a child journeying into the fantasy and imagination with your favorite toys and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Give your children the gift of fantasy and imagination with wonderful Russian toys that tell a story and provide a way for the fun to come alive. At, we have a fabulous assortment of toys that all tell a tale and have a prominent presence in Russian culture.

We have the soft plush Cheburashka and Gena his crocodile friend. You can sit down with your child and tell the story as you listen to songs in Russian. Your kids will cherish these toys and dolls for a long time. They won’t be just another gift that are forgotten quickly after Christmas.

These beautifully crafted Russian dolls such as Inna and Alyonushka are made to last and continue to open up your child’s world to the many wonderful Russian fairy tales.
Also the famous and beautifully crafted nesting dolls will fascinate and entertain your child for hours. The matryoshka carved and elaborately painted in different themes are also made to last a lifetime.

All of the toys that we’ve selected at Russian Foods Direct will not only be loved by your child, but they’ll learn, hear and see Russian culture from the dolls, toys and also talking poster boards covering subjects such as math, anatomy, the alphabet, and music. Best of all, they are all in Russian.

What an excellent way to teach your child about their culture and country through fantasy and playing. Like you, they will not only have these toys, but will cherish them and want the same for their children too.

There’s a small window in time while your children are growing up. Give them the memories and experiences that only these toys can give. You and your child will be glad you did.