What decorations can be made from fruit and vegetables?

Tomato peeling
Make a round cut near the scion. Then make a cruciform cut on the bottom. Put a tomato in boiling water for 15 seconds. After that sink a tomato in ice-cold water and peel the skin.

Tomato halves for stuffing
Cut a peeled tomato unto halves. Remove flesh with a teaspoon. To make a halve stable, crop the bottom. Place the halves on cucumber slices.

Tomato “petals”
Cut unpeeled tomato into 6-8 equal parts. Remove flesh from the lobules. Place “petals” as a flower or stuff every petal with greens, salads or chopped vegetables.

Tomato and egg rounds
Slice a tomato and a hard-boiled egg into 6 slices, put an egg slice on a tomato slice and decorate with pepper.

Crop the bottom of an unpeeled tomato to make it stable and cut a cover from the opposite side. Remove the flesh with a teaspoon and stuff the inside with vegetable salad. Put the cover aslant and make white spots with mayonnaise through a confectionery bag.

Cut out a basket from an unpeeled tomato. Take out the flesh with a teaspoon and stuff with salads or chopped vegetables.

Paprika for decorations
Wash paprika and cut a thick piece with the scion. Remove the flesh with a knife. Cut into large strips and cut out different things (stars, flowers, leaves) with special molds. These details are great to any composition.

Paprika for stuffing
Wash paprika and cut a thick piece with the scion. Remove the flesh with a knife. To make a paprika stable, crop the bottom. If there is a hole in the bottom, it is possible to cover it with a cucumber or celeriac slice. Stuff with any salad or vegetables.

Avocado for stuffing
There is a stone inside an avocado. To remove it, cut the fruit into halves and turn them round. Avocado flesh gets dark very quickly, to avoid it, sprinkle with lemon juice. To make the half steady, crop the bottom. Stuff avocado with mushrooms, shrimps and vegetables.

Avocado lobules
Peel a half of avocado (ripen fruit is peeled very easily) and cut into slices a finger thick. Sprinkle with lemon juice, season with salt and ground pepper. Decorate with greens and arrange as a fan.