What decoration can be made from exotic fruits?

Exotic fruits will make a perfect dessert. Pineapples, bananas, melons, kiwis and watermelons will decorate your table in the most beautiful way.

To make different compositions from these fruits, you need a paring knife, a curved knife, a crimped knife, a round cutter of different sizes.

Pineapple peeling
Wash a pineapple carefully and peel the skin 1/2 inch thick from green leaves toward the bottom.

Pine-apple slices
Cut a pineapple alongside into 4-6 parts.
Remove the flesh from the skin and divide into 6-8 slices.
You can also slice a pineapple, cut off the skin and the core.
Decorate pineapple slices with berries, cherries, asparagus and jelly.

Pineapple “boat”
Cut a pineapple alongside into 6-8 parts.
Plane off a little of the skin to make the boat steady.
Cut off the core and separate the flesh from the skin.
Slice the flesh and put back in “the boat”.
Decorate every slice with almonds, berries or icing.

Breaded pineapple slices
Roll every pineapple slice in flour, beaten egg and coco chips.
Fry in preheated oil until light golden.
Decorate with tangerine lobules, strawberry, pistachios.

Stuffed pineapple
Cut the top from a pineapple.
Then cut out the flesh and take it out with a spoon.
Fill the inside with different fruits and icing.

Banana “boat”
Make a cut through the skin of a banana and take out the flesh.
Attach the banana strip with a decorative rapier.
Fill the inside with bright fruit slices.

Stuffed melon
Wash a melon carefully.
Cut off 1/3 of the melon and take the inside out with a spoon.
Stuff with strawberries in wine.
Orange slices, berries and icing.