Tarkhana is soup made from chicken broth with special noodles “tarkhana”, from which came the name of the dish.




















Combine two kinds of flour and pour over it boiling milk and stir thoroughly. Beat eggs with sour milk “matzun” and pour in flour slowly. Knead dough and leave it over a night. Pinch small pieces and run them through the sieve.Cook a chicken with a carrot and an onion until done. Take it out and use as needed. Discard vegetables. Add tarkhana to the broth. 5 minutes before finishing add fried finely chopped onions.






450 g starch.
450 g wheat flour.
1 l sour milk “matzun”.
1/2 l milk.
3 ea eggs.
3 ts salt.


1 c tarkhana.
2 l water.
1 ea chicken.
1 ea carrot.
3 ea onion.
50 g butter.
4 tb mint.
1 tb savory green.