Russian Label

Many readers blame me for labeling and commercializing Russian women. I object. This section was created to provide more information and different views on the topic. There are as many opinions, as people.

Folk image of Russian beauty consists of several stereotypes: the face should be round and pink-cheeked, the arched eyebrows – black as sable’s, the eyes – bright as stars, the bearing – regal as swan’s and the step – light as peacock’s. But in spite of everything, a woman was not considered fragile and weak in the Rus of yore.

Women were supposed to do the same things as men did. They were well matched for hercules.

However, this ideal, formed in the Ancient Rus, changed for another one. The woman was treated as dependent creature since she appeared from Adam’s rib and was his essential part.

Christianity had a great influence upon Russian worldview and formed two principal types of the woman – the justs and sinners. The just women (thus type comes from the image of Saint Maria) differ by their chastity, patience and peace in heart. She is the lofty ideal for any Christian, first of all the ideal of the maternity. The type “sinner” sprang up from the Bible story about Adam and Eve, the sinner, eternal temptation for men. But, in particular, it is her, who gave birth to a new generation, having populated the Earth.

Christian culture removed woman from the society, she belonged to home kingdom where the husband rules. That is why the young single woman was supposed to be attractive, beautiful while the married woman should forget about her outlook. Beautiful wife meant undesirable troubles.

Thus, Russian culture has known two views on the woman: a vessel of pleasures and a holy virgin. Russian tradition adjusts the demands of perfect appearance to sensitive inner qualities, as without mental beauty, the outward appearance is nothing.

Women are different everywhere and every woman to her taste.