Rasstegay With Fish

Rasstegay is an open pie with different fillings: fish, meat and mushrooms. Rasstegay is the only pie that doesn’t have any analogs in other cultures.

Take all bones from the fish and chop it. season with salt and pepper. Divide the dough into two parts. Roll out every part in a large round. Put it on a greased with butter baking sheet, smooth out evenly. Pierce the surface with a fork. Chop finely onion and fry in butter with a pinch of sugar until light brown. Cool down. Put fried onion evenly on the dough and after that chopped fish. Pour over melted butter. Pinch the edges so that it leaves the centre (saucer size in diametre) open. Brush the sides with butter and bake in the oven (210-220 C) until it is ready.
Rasstegay is served hot as appetizer to Vodka or white vine. Rasstegay can also be served to Ukha.

1 kg yeast dough.
1 kg white sturgeon (stellate sturgeon).
2 ea onion.
100 g butter.
Black pepper ground.
50 g butter for brushing.