Mushroom Salad With Oranges

Mushrooms are aboriginal Russian cuisine, described with delight by foreign travelers many centuries ago. They are still very popular and beloved. A new combination of mushrooms and fruits will bring in a new wave in your traditional dinner.

Cube cheese and peeled apples. Julienne mushrooms and stew in oil for 15 minutes. Slice peppers finely and cube oranges. Combine all the ingredients and dress with the made sauce (mix all the ingredients for sauce). Decorate with citrus fruit and grated cheese.

250 g canned mushrooms.
200 g cheese.
2 ea red bell peppers.
2 ea apples.
2 ea oranges.
1 c kefir (clabber).
3 ts honey.
1 ts mustard.
2 tb lemon juice.
2 ts grated lemon peel.