Moscow Ponchiki

Moscow Ponchiki is a delicious thing. Just baked, tender, fluffy doughnuts will disappear from the dish on your eyes.

Add cinnamon and baking powder to flour. Sift it into a bowl. Beat up eggs with sugar, add soft butter and mix in milk. While stirring, add flour gradually. Knead stiff dough. Roll out dough 1/5 inch thick. Make rounds with a cup, then make rounds on the rounds with a smaller diameter. Ponchiki must have a form of rings. Warm oil in the pan. Put 2-3 rings at a time in hot oil, fry until light golden. Sprinkle baked cookies with powdered sugar.

1 1/2 c flour.
2 tb sugar.
1 tb butter.
1 ea egg.
1/2 c milk.
1/2 ts baking powder.
100 g oil to fry.
Powdered cinnamon.

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