Lemon Mousse

Mousse is wonderful refreshing dessert after rich dinner.Serve mousse with berry syrup or sauce made from red vine.

Pour over gelatin cold boiled water (1 part gelatin: 9 parts water). Leave for 40-60 minutes and then warm up on a very low heat, don’t bring to boil. Strain carefully. Pour 3 c water in the pan, add sugar and bring to boil. Add chopped lemon peel from a half of lemon and gelatin. Stirring syrup regularly with a spoon, bring to boil on low heat and add lemon juice. Put the pan on a cold surface (a pan with ice or cold water)and whip with a mixer until there is foam. As soon as mass becomes thick, stop whipping and pour mousse into moulds quickly.

1 ea lemon.
15 g gelatin.
3/4 c sugar.
2 c water.