Every cook has a large set of knives in the kitchen. What are they for? Let’s find out!

Good knives will make your life in the kitchen considerably easier.

These are three most useful knives for cutting vegetables, bread, meat and other products:

1. The Chef’s Knife
Commonly available with a blade from 8 to 12 inches long, a chef’s knife is the most important and versatile knife to have. It has a broad blade and narrow handle, which make it well balanced and easy to grasp. It can perform most cutting tasks, with the exception of deboning and some delicate carving. To start cutting, hold the knife at a right angle to the cutting surface.
Place your other hand on the item being cut, in the claw position — fingers in toward your palm, knuckles forward. Slice in a rocking, continuous, smooth motion. The actual downward cut should always occur on the forward motion.

2. The Paring Knife
A paring knife is the ideal small knife. Its blade is typically 3 1/2 inches to 4 1/2 inches long. It is perfect for peeling, coring, and other small cutting jobs that require very close blade control.

3. The Serrated Knife
A serrated knife is the perfect knife for slicing bread and soft, difficult-to-cut fruits, such as tomatoes.
Use an even-pressured sawing motion and make sure not to squash the bread or fruit with the hand that’s holding it.