How to decorate poultry and meat dishes?

To decorate meat dishes, the decorative components are chosen depending on the way of cooking.

For instance, you can use for the dishes under the sauce lettuce leaves or greens, as they, soaked in the sauce, loose their freshness and attractiveness very quickly. Baked meat looks perfectly with fresh and cooked vegetables. Poultry goes great with citrus fruits.

Golden buds, made from potatoes, look great with hot meat dishes.
Make small balls with a scoop. Then cut off the top from every ball. Make three bow-shaped cuts and remove a thin layer of a potato between the petals. After that, make three other bow-shaped cuts and decorate the “pistil” with netting. Sprinkle the buds with saffron and bake in the oven until done. Put the buds on the lettuce leaves near the palatable pork chop or bacon.

Tender camomile will be the finest decoration for meat and poultry dishes.
Slice a peeled turnip finely. With a round hollow make rounds. Find the center of the round and then with a smaller hollow mark the petals of a flower 3 mm deep. Then, keeping a knife inclined, cut out the petals. Put the flowers in boiling water with lemon juice for 2 hours. Make the pistil from the lemon peel. Arrange the camomiles on the greens near the dish.

Grapes bunch
This decoration, very easy and quick to make is perfect for bid dishes – bacon, pate, meat in aspic and ribs.
Peel a cucumber and take out small balls with a scoop. Arrange them as a grapes bunch on the dish and add celery leaves to it. Brush the bunch with oil.

Red roses
Roses made from tomatoes will decorate cold dishes in the most beautiful way. Cut off a small round at the top of tomato and peel around carefully. Make a rose from a peel. The stem can be made from scallions.

A small true lantern will make your table surprisingly cozy and beautiful and will warm the hearts of your guests with home hearth.
Cut off the bottom of an orange and cut it into two unequal parts (1/3 and 2/3). Remove the flesh from the bigger part. Make a small hole – flue in the top and different stars and flowers with bakery cutters. Stick a small candle in a smaller part of the orange, light it and cover with the decorative top.