Fruits for health

Everyone knows, that fruits contain many vitamins, necessary to our organism.

But vitamins are just a small part of useful substances in fruits. The scientists have proved, that many fruits possess very important qualities – they protect us from many different diseases.

Quince, especially sweet, has a positive influence on mind, braces up; makes elated; eliminates gloomy thoughts and some kinds of headache; strengthens the heart, liver and stomach; excites appetite and removes bad smell in the mouth. Quince juice is very good in case of bleeding, involuntary vomiting, hangover and thirst. It is better to eat quince in small quantities or baked (steamed). Quince jam with honey is very good for health.

Grapes is one of the best fruits, as it possesses great nutritive value, improves blood, soften solid substances and restores disturbed balance of the organism. Grapes improves the state of respiratory tract and lungs, develops tendency to corpulence. Fresh water is not recommended to drink after grapes, as it can lead to serious illnesses.

Pomegranate is very useful for the liver in case of hepatitis, spleen diseases, cough and aches in breast. It cleans the voice, develops tendency to corpulence and refreshes face color.

Peaches soften, moisten and cool off the body and consequently are good in case of dryness and overheating of the organism. They possess cleaning characteristic and assist in removing harmful substances. However people with light excitability of nervous system are recommended to eat peaches in small quantities.

Ripen sweet pear, fresh and dried, are notable for fixing qualities and are good when the stomach is disordered. Pears are digested better than apples. They have a positive influence on mind, braces up; make elated; eliminate gloomy thoughts and are useful in case of tachycardia, weak stomach. Pears assist in digestion and are considered to be a good remedy when mushroom poisoning.

Melon cleans and draws away dense substances, dilute blood, moistens the brain and the whole body. It is digested easily and develops tendency to corpulence. Melon is a good diuretic remedy and assists in removing nephroliths.

Apples are very good for everyone, they contain apple and citric acids, tannin and microelements (potassium, magnesium, iron, sulfur, manganese, phosphorus) and pectin. Apples assist in secretion of digestive juices that is why it is recommended to eat apples 20-30 minutes before meal. Baked apples improve peristalsis and are the perfect dietetic foodstuff. Apple seeds contain a lot of iodine – 5-6 seeds satisfy daily norm of it.

Banana differs from other fruits by the great quantity of starch. It is considered to be very good in case of gastrointestinal tract diseases. Some dietitians recommend bananas as independent breakfast. They are combined with sweet fruits, clabber, sour milk and cream in a very delicious and healthy way. Ripen bananas are very good while green bananas can do harm to your health.

Lemon is useful almost in all cases: headache caused by heat, dizziness, hangover, sore throat, tachycardia, vomiting and nausea. Lemon is harmful for the people with nervous disorder and the people, suffering from catarrhal cough. Headache can be eliminated if you rub your forehead and temples with lemon flesh.