Delectable garnish

Decorative garnish is usually made from carrot, turnip or potatoes.

Such dishes as vegetable pates, meat and fish dishes, and cold cuts are decorated with their help. To create a beautiful composition, you need big, even and solid vegetables. Use for work only sharp knives and your rich imagination.

Carrot cones
Such cones will go to various dishes from meat and vegetables. You can collect a bunch from 3-5 cones and dress it with parsley leaves.
Make a cylinder from boiled carrot and round off the bottom. With a sharp knife make a bow-shaped cut and remove a fine layer of carrot flesh behind it. Cut out “scales” in staggered rows up. Cone top should consist of three scales.

Leek asters
Leek asters are very beautiful for any dish. Asters with roses made from potatoes or tomatoes will make a perfect bouquet.
Cut off leek roots and the bottom a little. Cut the part 3-4 cm long. With a sharp knife, make frequent cuts, not splitting the bottom. Then make frequent cross cuts. Soak the flowers in cold water for a day. Fluff up asters and sprinkle with beet juice.

Cinderella’s boots
Such potato boots will be an effective addition to the holiday dish. They can be filled with mashed vegetables or dense sauces.
Cut out from a large boiled potato a rectangular bar. Keeping the knife in a horizontal way, make a semicircular cut. Then cut out the “sole and heel” of the boot. Round off the edges and sprinkle with breadcrumbs, fry in oil or in a deep fryer. Make a place for a “foot” with a scoop and fill the boot with mashed carrot or green beans.

Potato Mushrooms
Cute mushrooms will be a fine decoration for beefsteak. Having arranged mushrooms in parsley leaves, you will change your dish in a better way.
Make a cylinder from a boiled potato and round off the bottom. Then cut a potato into two parts and make a hole with a scoop. Collect a mushroom and fry in oil. Sprinkle the cap with saffron.