Cute and funny appetizers

Appetizers are the ideal field where a great number of funny and cute ornaments can be created that are to the liking of the kids and adults as well.

The appetizers play an important role on the table, appearing first, therefore it is necessary to make them with taste and fun.

This decoration will be perfect for the assorted vegetable and meat cuts. You can “grow” small egg water lilies near the frogs.
Cut off a small bottom from a hard-boiled egg and make a small cut out in the top so that the yolk can be seen. Make a small tongue from the tomato and put in the cut. Poke small holes for the “eyes” and put in two greens peas. Make frog feet from onion springs or cucumber peel.

Such a flyagaric will decorate cold meat cuts in a perfect way. Cut off the tops of an egg. Cut a tomato into two halves. Take out the flesh so that the egg “stem” can get in. Make white spots with mayonnaise and “plant” the mushroom on a lettuce leaf.

Cute hares from hard-boiled eggs complement palatable “lawns” made from fresh vegetables, cold meats or fish.Peel an egg and cut off a thin slice longwise from one side. Make the “ears” from that slice, cutting out a V-shaped piece. Make a cut in the egg top to put the ears in. Draw the eyes with tomato paste and the whiskers – with mustard and make a tail with mayonnaise.

Shrimp cocktail
This shrimp cocktail will serve a perfect appetizer.
Take a tall glass and fill the half with chopped lettuce. Pour over cocktail-sauce (mix mayonnaise with some ketchup, a tablespoon of cognac and cream). Peel shrimps till the head. Arrange the shrimps on the glass border so that the tails were in the sauce and the heads out of the glass. Slice lemon in a beautiful way and decorate the border.

Elegant butter rose is a must on a dish with smoked salmon, ham, sausages and cheese.Take a pack of butter, cut off a small corner and shape it in hands to make the pistil. From the pack cut out the cylinder with one truncated side. Slice it finely into half rounds. And shape a petal from every round. First petals should be pinched to the pistil. Then attach the others and put the rose in a fridge.