Aries. (Mar 21 – Apr 19)

The sign of zodiac you are born determines not only the character. The tastes of any person are appointed by stars. Every sign prefers certain food. The choice of right nutrition assures the health and long life. You will find out what food, how much and when you should eat and what products you should exclude from the menu of “Aries”.

Our horoscope, based on your “star” susceptibility to illness, is a recommendation to the healthy life, there it can contradict your real tastes.

What to eat

Aries, as nobody else, must have rational invalid food. It can sound boring, but Aries has to prefer porridges, fish and vegetables, especially cabbage, radish, beet, to fat meat and fried potatoes. Greens such as parsley, dill and scallions are very good for Aries. Keep to a diet and do your best to avoid eating at nights.

What to drink

Arians are an easily carried away nature and can overdrink himself insensibly. Alcohol can incite Arians to thoughtless actions. Arians are exposed to frequent causeless headaches; therefore they should avoid drinking red wine with cheese. It is better for them to have 1-2 glasses of champagne. Arians in a state of intoxication must protect the head most of all.

What to cook

Having invited Aries, you should better cook juicy meat with hot spices. Don’t forget about vegetables! As to dessert, serve outlandish sweets and fruits.

Food table
Meat: Mutton, lamb, goat’s flesh
Fruits: Grapefruit, water-melon
Vegetables: Carrot, onion, shallot, radish, pepper
Spices: Pepper, garlic, thyme, saffron, mint, rosemary, coriander